Saturday, 12 July 2008

Saturday Wordzzle # 21

The idea is, every week Raven (View From A Raven's Nest) gives you between 8 and 10 words/phrases and you have to create a small but coherent paragraph using every one of them and the same with the mini challenge. You can do either, both or a megawordzzle using all the words, or even all three, it's up to you, you can post them on your blog or email them to Raven. If you join in go to Raven's and put your name on the Mr. Linky so other participants can come visit you.

Here are my efforts - complete with my doodles.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: gouged, symmetrical, Spanish moss, ATV, parallel parking, Luscious, origami, amphibian, turkey, gravy train

Cathryn’s head was buzzing with things she had to do as she sat in her dining room eating her Sunday lunch, which consisted of roast potatoes, vegetables, turkey and gravy – “train the Spanish moss up the pergola, plant the lettuces so that they were symmetrical in the vegetable plot she had gouged out of the lawn, cut the grass…..” She’d been watching a programme on ATV about origami, which had reminded her she had a lesson with a driving instructor later to learn parallel parking. Cathryn had passed her driving test a few weeks ago, after two years of lessons. She could have passed a lot earlier but she fancied the driving instructor, he was just luscious, he’d served his time as an Army Amphibian Engineer and was now settled in civvy street. She would have to make a move on him soon, she was running out of ideas for more lessons and it was costing a fortune!

And for the Mini Challenge: pouring rain, mastiff, church bells, wedding dress, stock car races

Walking Oscar, her bull mastiff, Jenny stopped at the church to watch what was taking place. She felt sorry for the girl in the simple wedding dress running down the path hand in hand with her new husband in the pouring rain to the sound of the church bells, then throwing herself onto the back seat of a car that was only fit to be entered into stock car races. Jenny’s wedding would be so different, only the best would do. First she had to find a man though.


Joanna smoothed the luscious silk of the wedding dress against her body, this was the one she decided. She had won a competition on the ATV television station, which was an all expenses paid wedding anywhere in the world and, as it included the wedding finery, she was having the best dress money could buy. She and Erkan had decided on Turkey as the venue because his family lived there so that would solve the problem of them being able to attend the ceremony.Most of her friends had been shocked when she told them she was marrying Erkan. It was true she’d only known him six months, after meeting him at the stock car races, but she didn’t believe what they were saying about him jumping aboard the ‘gravy train’ because he made a good living breeding bull mastiffs, so he definitely wasn’t after her money.

She could hear the peal of the church bells over the thunderous sound of the pouring rain as it clattered on the windows of her room. Joanna was thankful that the rain had ceased and the sun had made an appearance, there was a point where she thought she might have to arrive at church in some sort of amphibian landing craft instead of a sleek limousine. Luckily it was driven by a chauffeur who was a master at parallel parking, because there was barely enough room left by the guests at the entrance to the church for him to park.

Walking through the avenue of trees leading to the door of the little church, Joanna thought how pretty the curly Spanish moss type plant hanging from the trees looked. She looked down at the well trodden path gouged out of the cobbles wondering if all the brides who had entered this church had been as happy as she. As Joanna walked down the aisle she was pleased to see that the decorations on the end of the pews were perfectly symmetrical, some people thought she was too fussy about things like that but she was a master at origami so what did they expect. Erkan was waiting for her, looking handsome in his suit, the church was filled with family and friends, everything was perfect. There was just one tiny niggle at the back of her mind. Why had Erkan insisted on a pre-nuptial agreement?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i love it when you doodle!!!

smiles, bee

Dianne said...

I love how you pulled gravy train apart - was it a kudo to Jeff B? ;)

and ATV as a TV station - never, ever dawned on me, very clever

the mega was so romantic and spiritual with the gouged trail of brides past and then - your speciality! the twist at the end.

so enjoyable akleamalu

Raven said...

Clever as always. Is ATV a real tv station or did you make that up? I thought it was a brilliant way to use that. I love all the stories but your twist at the end of the last one delighted me. Hope you have a grand time in Greece.

Akelamalu said...

I'm doodle mad Bee and have the badge to prove it! :)

Oh yes I got the idea to split gravy train from one of Jeff's wordzzles Dianne. So glad you enjoyed my efforts. :)

ATV was a real television station here some years ago Raven, I didn't know it was a vehicle until I read your wordzzle. :)

Richard said...

Romantic, pragmatic and enigmatic.

Great Mega and interesting ending.


storyteller said...

Wonderful mini-stories & doodles as always! What program do you use to create your doodles? Do you create the drawings or the stories first? Are you going to tell us what was behind the prenuptial agreement or leave it to us to speculate?
Hugs and blessings,

Travis said...

Oh interesting little twist at the end there!

the teach said...

I can never find pictures for illustrations of my wordzzles! I love yours and of course your stories! :)

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Rich :)

I write the stories first then choose one word from each story and then doodle it using paint Storyteller. Feel free to speculate on the pre-nup agreement. :)

I do like a twist at the end Trav ;)

Thankyou Teach. If I don't doodle I can usually find a picture on Google Images to illustrate my stories.

Jeff B said...

Do you fancy Alfred Hitchcock? Your fun twists at the end are a delight.

I agree with the others about using ATV as a station name, brilliant. And the splitting of gravy train was a clever way to go as well.

rebecca said...

oh, you'll definitely have to follow up the story on joanna! why did he want a pre-nup? hmmm? quite intriguing.....

Linda said...

I agree with Rebecca, you need to do follow-ups to some of these cleverly written stories!

Dee Jay said...

What a fun writing project and a delightful ending! I'm glad I wandered through your corner of the world today.

I'll be back. : )

Akelamalu said...

I did admire Hitchcock as a matter of fact Jeff. You gave me the idea of splitting phrases in a previous wordzzle so kudos to you m'deario. :)

I think Joanna's friends were right about Erkan Rebecca :(

I may do at some point Linda, thanks x

Welcome dee jay, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. Please do call back. :)

Anonymous said...