Friday, 3 April 2015

America/Canada Adventure Part 12......

So here we are, our last full day in New York and the end of our America/Canada Adventure.  Of course we made the most of it!

After breakfast we set off walking to try to find a specific souvenir - a bead charm for my bracelet.    MWM bought me a bead of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and a Swaroski Crystal Heart from Verona, Italy, and now I wanted something to remind me of our time in New York.    We looked in various jewellers but couldn't just find what I wanted.  Then we found ourselves at another place on our 'to do' list, Macy's.

Unfortunately I didn't find what I wanted in there either but we did enjoy spending an hour looking round this iconic store.    Using Macy's WiFi I checked online to see if there was a Pandora shop nearby and there was - just across the way - so we headed there and I found exactly what I wanted, an Apple with NYC on it!

After an enjoyable morning shopping we headed back to Times Square to get a coffee before meeting up with yet another blogging friend, Daryl  (Out & About in New York City) for lunch.     I had arranged the meeting with Daryl before we arrived in NYC and we went to meet her at her place of work on Times Square.    Daryl was just like her photographs and I recognised her straight away!
We left the venue for lunch to Daryl and she walked us a short way to the Brooklyn Diner on W43rd Street.

We had a great lunch and converation with Daryl, it was fantastic to be able to meet up with her after years of being online friends.

 After saying goodbye to Daryl, who unfortunately had to go back to work, we decided to go to Greenwich Village, another place on our 'to do' list, so we started walking down 6th Avenue getting as far as 20th Street before we hailed a yellow cab to the Village.  Getting out of the cab at  the junction of Blecker Street and Charles Street we walked around taking photos.

We then stopped for a beer before heading back through Tribeca, originally written as TriBeCa, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Its name is an acronym from "Triangle Below Canal Street". The "triangle", which is actually more of a trapezoidal shape, is bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and either Chambers or Vesey Streets.

MWM looked longingly at the cars in this showroom
until I dragged him away.   We decided we'd done enough walking so hailed a yellow cab for the journey back to our hotel, which I couldn't resist filming from the back seat.  If you've never experienced a New York Yellow Cab ride you can experience it by watching the video below.  Our driver was a perfect gentleman until some idiot crossed right in front of our cab without warning.  Turn the sound up about 3 minutes in to hear what he said!  LOL

Back in Times Square we sat for a while watching the world go by,

before going for another short walk to Bryant Park to watch people doing their daily workout.

We headed back to the hotel for a short rest asking the concierge if he could recommend a nice Italian Restaurant where we could eat that night.  He recommended Appetito and gave us directions.   We found it quite easily and didn't need a reservation.
Image result for appetito restaurant new york
 We enjoyed a lovely last dinner of our vacation with a nice bottle of wine,

before heading back to our hotel and a good night's sleep in preparation for our trip home the following day.

Our flight home wasn't until late afternoon so we had the morning the pack and grab a sandwich before being picked up for the journey to the airport.

We had a marvelous time seeing all the iconic places on our America/Canada Adventure.  We saw all the places on our bucket list, which we had compiled before we started the journey, met up with three blog friends (Linda in Boston, Ann in Montreal and Daryl in New York) and my oldest school friend Kay in Toronto.

I hope you enjoyed our adventure as much as we did and I hope you get to see all those places for yourself one day, if you haven't already.

My next post will be about our trip to Italy in May 2014, before we visit Italy again, albeit a different part, in May 2015!

I hope you'll join me.


Cloudia said...

Hello Globe Trotters!

How cool to see you and Daryl together.

ALOHA from Honolulu,

Banker Chick said...

I have waited to read about NYC until they were all posted. 3 days seems about right and you got wonderful views and pictures of it all. I loved the central park pictures and that would be a wonderful visit. I would like to see the Dakota as well. Well Done. How nice that you were able to visit some of your blogger friends.

Ron said...

"and I found exactly what I wanted, an Apple with NYC on it!"

OMG...that's PERFECT!

And I love the photograph of you standing outside of Macy's because I've walked pass that door so many times when I was in NYC.

"We had a great lunch and converation with Daryl, it was fantastic to be able to meet up with her after years of being online friends."

What a great photograph of the two of you! So glad you were able to meet up!

"we decided to go to Greenwich Village, another place on our 'to do' list."

Isn't the Village great? I use to go to an acting school down there that was located on Bank Street.

Enjoyed your cab ride! "Turn the sound up about 3 minutes in to hear what he said!"

HAHAHAHA! funny!

"I hope you enjoyed our adventure as much as we did..."

Yes I did, m'dear! And you're right, you certainly did make the most of it! I can't believe how much you saw in such a short period of time.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter to you and MWM!


Valerie said...

Sigh..... and thank you Pearl for allowing me to revisit memories. I could almost feel the pace of Times Square! Now I am looking forward to your pictures of Italy, my other favourite place.

Happy Easter. Don't overdo the chocolate eggs.. smiles.

Beach Bum said...

Awesome trip! My daughter took a lot of pictures of her New York visit during spring break. If she lets me I'll post some.

Akelamalu said...

It was cool to meet up with Daryl Cloudia

So glad you enjoyed the posts about New York Bankerchick, we certainly enjoyed it! x

We were exhausted when we returned home Ron having done so much, but it was so worth it! It was such a shame you couldn't get to NY whilst we were there, we would have loved to have met up with you too. xx

So pleased you the post brought back good memories for you Valerie. xx

It was an awesome trip for sure Beach. I'd love to see your daughter's photos from her visit to NY!

Flowerpot said...

What an incredible trip Ak!

Daryl said...

i loved lunching with you and your wonderful man ... i wish i'd had more time to spend with you but i must say you did quite well on your own ... looking forward to visiting you someday xo

Akelamalu said...

Oh yes it was Flowerpot, we had a wonderful time. :)

We so enjoyed meeting you Daryl, such a pleasure and hope that you will visit us. xx

A Lady's Life said...

Hi sounds like you guys are having a ball.
Hope one day I can do the same. I travel for work so never know where I will be when although mainly the same places lol

Akelamalu said...

We did LL but it was last September so quite a while ago. X

Secret Agent Woman said...

Wonderful - I've been following this trip with great enjoyment.

Akelamalu said...

So pleased you've enjoyed it SAW, x