Monday, 19 August 2013


After a delicious breakfast we set off on the coach for our first excursion - to the historic university town of Cambridge, the home of the University of Cambridge, founded in 1209 and consistently ranked one of the top five universities in the world.

We had a lovely morning wandering round the city, the architecture in Cambridge is very diverse, so I snapped quite a few of the buildings to show you.

 Queens College, amongst the oldest and largest colleges of the University, founded in 1448 by Margaret of Anjou, the Queen of Henry VI.

 Terrace of properties on Trumpington Street

 Corpus Christi College

 Senate House built in 1722–1730

 Caius College founded in 1348
Trinity Lane
 Door to Peterhouse Library, Department of Archeology

 Trinity College,   founded by Henry VIII in 1546 as part of the University of Cambridge.

We called in The Lawson Gallery on Kings Parade, opposite Kings College. and discovered an artist we've never heard of - Sam Toft - we were so taken with her work we bought five prints, which are now hanging in our hallway.

We came across this pub with a really interesting history, but we didn't go in for a drink, surprise, surprise.

There there was this lovely church - St Benet's Parish Church, the oldest building in Cambridge, said to date from 1000 - 1050AD.

This next photo is of Cambridge's second oldest building, the Holy Sepulchre,  a 12th century Norman Round church.
There were lots of cyclists in Cambridge.
See the half-timbered building in the background?  Here's a close-up.
Also see the number 17 just to the left of it, here's what that is.

We spotted a lovely pub,The Anchor, which dates back to 1864, right on the banks of the river Cam, so popped in for a late lunch.   There were no seats outside but we found a table inside with a nice view of the punts on the river.

One can hire a shared chauffeur or a private punt, and the punting hire firms were doing a roaring trade the day we were there.   We were convinced that they waited until they had at least three private hire punts, (where one person, usually an amateur, propels the punt) before launching them altogether, which caused chaos and much hilarity. 

Below is a short video of a weir further up the river, which flows down to a lower level of the river where the punts were, notice the cows grazing amongst the tourists.  The end of the video shows some punting on the river.

We have never laughed as much as we did during that couple of hours of watching the amateur punters before, unfortunately, it was time to head back to the coach for the journey home.

Join me for Part 3 when we visit Southend-On-Sea.


Ron said...

I viewed all your photos enlarged so that I was able to view them close and WOW! Stunning photos!

"the architecture in Cambridge is very diverse"

Yes, and it's breathtaking. I LOVE European countries for that reason. The rich and beautiful historical architecture you have.

Love the photo of "The Mitre" what a charming cafe!

Also, I enjoyed your video clip. Those boats look like gondola's!

Thanks for sharing your trip, m'dear. Looking forward to Part 3!


Ron said...

Ooops...forgot to mention this in my previous comment. LOVE the artwork you purchased. They are so unique!


MorningAJ said...

It's years since I went to Cambridge but it's a wonderful city. Super photos.

Akelamalu said...

So pleased you enjoyed the photos Ron and yes the punts do look like gondolas. I'm hooked on Sam Toft's artwork now and am trying to persuade MWM to buy us a Limited Edition signed print - wish me luck. x

It was our first visit to Cambridge AJ and we absolutely loved it!

Cloudia said...

I feel smarter already! Wonderous


Beach Bum said...

Great post and awesome pictures! Looking foward to part three!

Valerie said...

I was on the look out for bicycles but did enjoy the scenic shots as well. The old buildings are and always will be impressive.

My cousin went to Kings College, the
first female to join the Music Faculty. She became a concert pianist and did a bit of radio work before writing in one of the national newspapers. Now I know what Kings College looks like so thank you for that, Pearl.

Flowerpot said...

Cor looks amazing - I';ve never been to Cambridge...

Akelamalu said...

LOL amazing Cloudia!

Glad you enjoyed it Beach, more ideas for your trip. x

We were amazed at how many bicycles there were in Cambridge Valerie. That's very interesting about your cousin.

It is amazing Flowerpot and we'd never been to Cambridge before either. x

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

keep traveling honey, it's so great! i SO treasure my memories of my travels with sarge.

hugs, bee

Akelamalu said...

We intend to Bee, our motto is "we'd rather run out of money than run out of time!" x

Gledwood said...

I would have loved to have gone to uni at Cambridge, but I never even applied... (long story)... it's such a beautiful town...
(so much prettier than Oxford doncha think!!).... ;-)

Travis Cody said...

Fantastic architecture.

Akelamalu said...

I've never been to Oxford Gleds so I wouldn't know, but Cambridge is really lovely. :)

Isn't it Trav? :)

Daryl said...

love those prints ... and the wonderful oldness of cambridge, i would really enjoy wandering those streets

MarmiteToasty said...

I love sam toft prints and have for years, I have a couple of his little prints....... I have some pictures in my file on my facebook page, some are just so beautiful x

Akelamalu said...

Cambridge is wonderful Daryl, you would absolutely! I love the prints too. x

Never seen Sam Toft's work before visiting Cambridge Marmie, I just love her work now. I'm trying to persuade MWM to buy a limited edition for me, as he's the one with all the money. ;) BTW great to see you on here my lovely. xx

Madooka said...

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